Meet some of the Venture 4th Media Team members!

We are creative types, process-driven, and scrappy. 

The Venture 4th Media Team

Ewen Finser,
Founder and CEO

Ewen first started creating sites for beer money in college. Since then, he’s bootstrapped a growing digital portfolio with 140+ content affiliate sites that started with a $1000 investment creating over 3 million+ in asset value. Today, Ewen continues to incubate content portfolios at scale, leveraging deep niche subject matter expertise (specialist writers and subject matter experts) with a team of digital ninjas (editors, VAs) that continues to scale ahead of ecommerce and digital enthusiast trends. Known as the master site and niche evaluator, Ewen leads the V4M team with a calming enthusiasm and intense curiosity that leads him down many a rabbit hole. After hours Ewen enjoys the sublime chaos of 3 kids under 6.

Amy Aitman, COO​

Amy Aitman is a content operations executive with two decades of communications, content marketing, and strategy experience. Here Amy focuses on scaling great content teams and operations, growing the V4M team to over 400 writers, subject matter experts, programmers, VAs, and SEO specialists. Amy has also owned and operated two digital media companies working with a variety of brands implementing content strategies, creating digital products, and helping brands build digital authority. Here at V4M, Amy bridges the fun, creative genius types with systemized processes that amplify their nerdiness. After ‘work’ Amy enjoys biking to the beach and enjoying the calming East Coast Canadian lifestyle.

Victoria Buenahora, CRO ​​

Victoria Buenahora is the current CRO at Venture 4th Media, she has 7+ years of strategy experience, and has developed V4M's current Monetization process and team. As a former Marketing Director specializing in Digital Marketing and Advertising, she brings her experience in building teams and processes that support our content efforts, creating and improving client relationships within the Affiliate Marketing and Advertising space. After hours, Victoria enjoys the splendid activities of painting and swimming.

Natalia Bickell, Content Operations Manager

Natalia Bickell oversees the V4M “content conveyor belt”, keeping it running smoothly, managing the core team of editors and special projects and day-to-day content operations. With 7+ years of digital content operations and management experience, Natalia reigns in the chaos and systemizes the creative flurry of activities around here. In her spare time, she coaches others in mindfulness and meditation practices and is busy building a dream home in the remote mountains of Costa Rica.

Alizabeth Swain, Managing Editor

Alizabeth Swain is our resident ‘bundle of sunshine’ who leads our creative review and editorial work here. As a professional writer for over a decade, she’s crafted millions of words throughout the years and learned a thing (or two) about what it takes to make it as a professional writer and mentors our writing team to do the same. After hours, Alizabeth enjoys testing new subscription boxes and making videos, and taking on all the challenges of a mom of one with a million creative ideas and projects to do!

Callum Marshall, Managing Editor, AIM​

Callum Marshall is our video gaming expert Managing Editor. Writing for over seven years, he has taken on many roles as editor, Managing Editor, Editor-in-Chief, PR rep, game reviewer and even founded his own gaming website with modest success. He has also been a game tester, worked with AI companies, ran his own gaming podcast and done a myriad of other studio and gaming projects over the past few years. He has spent thousands and thousands of hours perfecting his craft to become an integral part of the digital gaming sphere and now he’s here helping the V4M team.

Ed Lozano, Managing Editor, Guitar Space

Ed Lozano leads the Guitar Space team of professional guitarists, bringing his four decades of on-the-road experience to the mix. He has also worked as a university professor, the Managing Editor for Music Sales Corp., Guitar Curriculum Manager for WorkshopLive, Music Director for The School of Rock, and an extremely poor NYC cab driver. He is also a published author and graduate of Berklee College of Music. Ed has also worked with greats such as Bob Dylan, Paul Simon, Tori Amos, Stone Temple Pilots, ACDC, and many others and now helps build the Guitar Space community bringing that love of music to others.

Valeria Salamanca, Branding Manager

Valeria heads our branding and design efforts here and helps make us all look good. With over 7 years of graphic design and website design experience, she currently leads the creative and design team here to help visually craft our brands. When not choosing new color palettes, Valeria enjoys her downtime cooking and finding beauty in photography projects.

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